The Advantages Of Growing Organic Vegetables

Globally, there is a trend towards a healthier lifestyle. This includes modified dieting and exercise programs. One of the ways that people have been trying to ensure that they eat healthier is to eat chemical free foods. This has given rise to the practice of growing organic vegetables.

Organic farming starts with a chemical free and healthy plot of land. This means first choosing land that has not been contaminated by chemical spills or dumping. Once that has been done the next logical concern will be the fertility of the selected plot of land. Composting is one of the tried and prove methods for preparing soil for planting by enriching it.

Composting is done by combining biodegradable matter such as leaves and vegetable peelings and allowing them to break down before applying to the soil. It is also a good idea because it allows for the recycling of bio waste. This also has economic benefits since it eliminates the need for commercial fertilizers and as such saves the farmer from this expense.

Even pest control can be done organically. Changes in technology and lifestyle as well as the demands of an ever growing market has encouraged the use of commercial fertilizers. These factory made pesticides often contain many harmful chemicals. It is for this reason that those who use them are often warned to observe a particular waiting period between application and harvesting in order to ensure that the produce reaped is fit for consumption. Additionally, those whose job it is to apply the chemical, are advised to wear the requisite protective gear. All these precautions hint at the powerful and dangerous nature of these chemicals. There are, however, safer ways to keep plants in your garden pest free.

A number of naturally occurring substances and items help to keep pests away from vegetables. Garlic, a common seasoning used in meal preparation, is known to repel certain garden pests. Ashes does a similar job with destructive snails. If it is sprinkled around the perimeter of the farm area, the snails will be discouraged from entering.

Money is saved by going green with pest control methods, as farmers no longer have to buy commercial fertilizers. Money is also saved in terms of health care costs since the consumption of these foods, helps to keep illnesses at bay. Additionally, farmers and farm workers risk their own health and safety when they apply chemical laden fertilizers and pesticides. When this risk is avoided the farm workers enjoy better health and costly medical bills are avoided.

Even the act of reaping has to be done organically if the produce are to be truthfully declared chemical free and healthy. Sometimes though, there is a period of time between reaping and consuming the foods. This means that natural means of preserving them must be sought if necessary in order to maintain their naturally grown status.

There is no denying the value and importance of growing organic vegetables. The time and effort that it takes to establish and maintain these practices is well rewarded in the long run. This is so not only because of the production associated costs that are avoided but also because the health and well being of consumers and farm workers are preserved.